Rappin’ Legal Knowledge

Yo, listen up, I got some knowledge to spit

Not just any rhymes, but legal knowledge that’s legit

Let’s start with who interpret the law and make the rules

Legal delay meaning, don’t be fooled, it ain’t just for fools

Check out to understand the game

In the rules of court of appeal Malaysia, you gotta know the aim

Learn the rules of court of appeal Malaysia for a winning play

Now, can you legally own a fighter jet? What do you say?

Find out at can you legally own a fighter jet and be on your way

Next up, FAMU housing agreement, a crucial deal

Don’t miss out, check the FAMU housing agreement to see how it feels

Germany legalize weed in 2022, it’s on the rise

Get the scoop at germany legalize weed 2022 and be wise

American bulldog legal in the UK, it’s a question many ask

Understand the laws at american bulldog legal uk for a smooth task

Rule of 7 investing calculator, a tool you can’t ignore

Calculate your growth at rule of 7 investing calculator and soar

Don’t forget the car tax in Germany, gotta calculate it right

Use the car tax in Germany calculator to keep your finances tight

And employment contract rules and regulations, know your rights

Get the lowdown at employment contract rules and regulations and shine bright

So there you have it, my legal knowledge rap

Hope you learned a lot, and with that, I’ll take a nap

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